Monday, January 25, 2010

Where It All Happens

Lately, I'm feeling inspired for Spring. Yes, I know that sounds beyond cliche.
Amongst all that hits those hard notes includes cars, fashion, home decor, people on the street, magazines, books, and movies. My favorite part of going shopping are the people I see in stores. You generally see people much like yourself in the stores you like to shop in, so I'd have to say those are the times when I am feeling most inspired.
I'm more of a coupe girl, not so much SUVs. When I think of SUVs I think exactly what the term implies: sports utility. And let's face it...I'm not so sporty, nor do I look the part. Hopping out of a Jeep or Land Rover in my heels just screams impractical. But maybe I'm just reading into cars too much (wouldn't be the first time).
I drive a Volkswagen Beetle right now and I have to say, I think it suits me well. In movies you see the cute, quirky, yet often times sophisticated dames getting out of the adorable things. It just fits multiple types of people.
Vespas are not technically cars but they are still awesome and provide transportation from point A to point B. Ladies who drive these, let me tell you, you are the most chic drivers on the road.


Right now I'm keeping an eye on Anthropologie and ModCloth. ModCloth satisfies my love for vintage inspired clothes and Anthropologies does so for my homey yet eclectic side. Anthropologie also has really banging home decor. I love the antique look they've got going.
In general, vintage and 50s glamour is on my mind a lot lately. As I mentioned in previous postings, the bombshell look is always a must; which ties in with the 50s glamour. So precise, so beautiful, and so oh so elegant.

Anthropologie, Gainsborough Pencil Skirt, $148.00

Anthropologie, En Pointe Bikini, $98.00 each

ModCloth, Beachland Ballroom Dress, $124.99

ModCloth, Genius of Love Heels, $94.99

If you have curves, particularly an ass and some major calves, that dress and those shoes would be the hottest thing I can imagine right now.

It wouldn't be very proper to share all my outlets of inspiration in one post: "To Be Continued" (:

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