Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Newfound Glory

Among my blogging finds, I have found approximately ten billion vintage vendors (how rare to use two words beginning with the letter V, juxtaposed beside each other). So being the clothes whore I am, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning everytime I see "____ Vintage" on blogspot.

To my surprise, these mavens are not only blogging about the glory of vintage, they, gasp, sell it. And they do this through Etsy.

Now this isn't the precise definition of Etsy, but I think of it as Vintage (I capitalize vintage because I think of it as a noun in terms of a heavenly person, heaven itself, or a building envisioning heaven) on Ebay at it's finest, or on steroids perhaps.

I got a friend request from "Vibrant Styles," which is a mini site on Etsy if you will. And it all went down (or up depending on how you want to look at it) from there. The categories range from vintage to woodwork to art and back to music. It's like a mall online. You must take a look.

A few items I'm jonesin' for...

This is by gypsyfishstudio



I am feelin' that bag...

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