Monday, January 18, 2010

Bombshell: one that is stunning, amazing, or devestating.

Everyone has that style icon. Mine is the ever so curvy, red lips, thick hips, wavy locks, and champagne lingerie wearing bombshell. The term has been taken out of context since its birth, but a bombshell has remained beautiful since nonetheless.

From Marilyn to modern day Scarlett, those who are so precautious to match their bra and panties, twist the pencil skirt to just the right angle, and sleep restless nights for a few pin curls, those women are my heroes.

You don't really see these women often, at least not around here. It's a beautiful art to put so much thought into being a woman.

Something about a corset just screams allure, sexy, "look."

The classic.

As I told my mother recently, I want to be the bombshell who can go to the grocery store in heels, sweatpants, and a fur coat. Only a true bombshell can pull that off right? How you say, "tres chic."

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