Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few nights ago, I was in the mood for a really good love story. So what do I do? I go to Blockbuster at 10 p.m. and rent "500 Days of Summer."


The movie, in my own blessed opinion, was trash. Zooey Deschanel basically stomped on Homefry's heart with her vintage-esque stiletto. Very disappointing for one who incessantly roots for love to win. My mom said I was being closed minded, but I beg to differ.

Tsatisfy my need for a good love story, I return to Blockbuster and pick up "The Edge of Love" starring Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, and Cillian Murphy. The movie takes place in Britain/Wales during WWII. Needless to must watch it. Of course what I loved most was the fashion. Europe+1940s=love. I don't want to give too much away but I will say that it involves "the other woman" who's husband is away at war...guess you'll have to go rent it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where It All Happens

Lately, I'm feeling inspired for Spring. Yes, I know that sounds beyond cliche.
Amongst all that hits those hard notes includes cars, fashion, home decor, people on the street, magazines, books, and movies. My favorite part of going shopping are the people I see in stores. You generally see people much like yourself in the stores you like to shop in, so I'd have to say those are the times when I am feeling most inspired.
I'm more of a coupe girl, not so much SUVs. When I think of SUVs I think exactly what the term implies: sports utility. And let's face it...I'm not so sporty, nor do I look the part. Hopping out of a Jeep or Land Rover in my heels just screams impractical. But maybe I'm just reading into cars too much (wouldn't be the first time).
I drive a Volkswagen Beetle right now and I have to say, I think it suits me well. In movies you see the cute, quirky, yet often times sophisticated dames getting out of the adorable things. It just fits multiple types of people.
Vespas are not technically cars but they are still awesome and provide transportation from point A to point B. Ladies who drive these, let me tell you, you are the most chic drivers on the road.


Right now I'm keeping an eye on Anthropologie and ModCloth. ModCloth satisfies my love for vintage inspired clothes and Anthropologies does so for my homey yet eclectic side. Anthropologie also has really banging home decor. I love the antique look they've got going.
In general, vintage and 50s glamour is on my mind a lot lately. As I mentioned in previous postings, the bombshell look is always a must; which ties in with the 50s glamour. So precise, so beautiful, and so oh so elegant.

Anthropologie, Gainsborough Pencil Skirt, $148.00

Anthropologie, En Pointe Bikini, $98.00 each

ModCloth, Beachland Ballroom Dress, $124.99

ModCloth, Genius of Love Heels, $94.99

If you have curves, particularly an ass and some major calves, that dress and those shoes would be the hottest thing I can imagine right now.

It wouldn't be very proper to share all my outlets of inspiration in one post: "To Be Continued" (:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life COULD Be Easier

It was apparent that my career as a domestic goddess would be a fail (with a side of "epic" if you will) when I failed Home Economics in the 7th grade. Ok so maybe I didn't fail the class, but I got a "D" so I may as well have. Either way, it was supposedly an easy class that I should have gotten an "A" or "B" in.

Now back to my point...
Yesterday my beauty of a sister, Taylor and I went vintage shopping on fabulous Franklin Street (Chapel Hill, NC) and had a grandiose time. I love vintage but there is always an issue with the neckline...ahem, it comes up to my eyebrows. I'm not saying I'm looking for a plunging, LOOK AT ME! clevage show, I'm just more keen to a slightly modern version of the dress.

Again, back to my point...

I wish to learn how to sew. Not just sew on a button, although that would be a helpful start, but I mean in depth, whipping out the sewing machine and patterns to make my very own master piece. The saddness in this is that I've been saying this for years and have yet to make the blessed dream a reality.

By nature I'm just a creative person and am always itching to make something (this blog is an outlet for that.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Newfound Glory

Among my blogging finds, I have found approximately ten billion vintage vendors (how rare to use two words beginning with the letter V, juxtaposed beside each other). So being the clothes whore I am, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning everytime I see "____ Vintage" on blogspot.

To my surprise, these mavens are not only blogging about the glory of vintage, they, gasp, sell it. And they do this through Etsy.

Now this isn't the precise definition of Etsy, but I think of it as Vintage (I capitalize vintage because I think of it as a noun in terms of a heavenly person, heaven itself, or a building envisioning heaven) on Ebay at it's finest, or on steroids perhaps.

I got a friend request from "Vibrant Styles," which is a mini site on Etsy if you will. And it all went down (or up depending on how you want to look at it) from there. The categories range from vintage to woodwork to art and back to music. It's like a mall online. You must take a look.

A few items I'm jonesin' for...

This is by gypsyfishstudio



I am feelin' that bag...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bombshell: one that is stunning, amazing, or devestating.

Everyone has that style icon. Mine is the ever so curvy, red lips, thick hips, wavy locks, and champagne lingerie wearing bombshell. The term has been taken out of context since its birth, but a bombshell has remained beautiful since nonetheless.

From Marilyn to modern day Scarlett, those who are so precautious to match their bra and panties, twist the pencil skirt to just the right angle, and sleep restless nights for a few pin curls, those women are my heroes.

You don't really see these women often, at least not around here. It's a beautiful art to put so much thought into being a woman.

Something about a corset just screams allure, sexy, "look."

The classic.

As I told my mother recently, I want to be the bombshell who can go to the grocery store in heels, sweatpants, and a fur coat. Only a true bombshell can pull that off right? How you say, "tres chic."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beauty of Love: Wedding Bells

I have a dear family friend who is getting married this Spring; April to be exact.

Friday night we went wedding dress shopping and she found the perfect one on the third try. Being there in the store amazed me. I've never been one all hyped up on love until the last few months and I have to tell you, I cannot wait to get married. Granted, it's forever away, but a girl can dream.
There was one girl there who was absolutely stunning. She was of Asian descent, very petite, and had a delicate voice. She found a gorgeous dress after trying on a few that favored the one designed by Christian Lacroix in "Sex and the City" the movie. I didn't even know her but the site of a human-like china doll was breath taking.

My dream wedding would consist of a red, sleek wedding dress (I'm slightly nonconformist like that) with bridesmaids in off-white dresses. It would be on a southern plantation with my grandmother's wedding ring passed down. Just...beautiful.
So after looking at the dresses, wedding locations, shoes, and cakes over the last few days, I'm feeling inspired to post the beauties that come with love, in addition to the beauty of love itself.