Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beauty of Love: Wedding Bells

I have a dear family friend who is getting married this Spring; April to be exact.

Friday night we went wedding dress shopping and she found the perfect one on the third try. Being there in the store amazed me. I've never been one all hyped up on love until the last few months and I have to tell you, I cannot wait to get married. Granted, it's forever away, but a girl can dream.
There was one girl there who was absolutely stunning. She was of Asian descent, very petite, and had a delicate voice. She found a gorgeous dress after trying on a few that favored the one designed by Christian Lacroix in "Sex and the City" the movie. I didn't even know her but the site of a human-like china doll was breath taking.

My dream wedding would consist of a red, sleek wedding dress (I'm slightly nonconformist like that) with bridesmaids in off-white dresses. It would be on a southern plantation with my grandmother's wedding ring passed down. Just...beautiful.
So after looking at the dresses, wedding locations, shoes, and cakes over the last few days, I'm feeling inspired to post the beauties that come with love, in addition to the beauty of love itself.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!